US Youth Soccer

Cal North District 7 Fall 2016 Playing Program

Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Cal North District 7 Fall 2016 Playing Program tournament for the age group.
Boys Under 14 20 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 ANDYS Madera 0720-01RB14-200196   Rodolfo Gutierrez
 A2 FC Clovis - BU14 BHS Clovis 0702-33RB14-331402   John Shilow
 A3 FC Clovis - BU14 CLV Fresno 0702-33RB14-331403   Victor Esquivel
 A4 FC Clovis United Friant 0702-33RB14-331405   Sean Smith
 A5 Fresno North - Fury Fresno 0713-01RB14-000015   Anthony Veloz
 A6 AMERIPRIDE Madera 0720-01RB14-200195   Victor Leyva
 A7 VALLEY UNITED STRIKERS Fresno 0715-01RB14-151414   Allan Galyan
 A8 South County - BU14 - Fowler Redcats Fowler 0721-01RB14-000001   Ismael Fajardo
 A9 South County - BU14 - Quick Silver Fowler 0721-01RB14-000003   Pete Martinez
 A10 3 SONS FARM LABOR INC Madera 0720-01RB14-200201   Louise Hill
 B1 FC Clovis Arsenal Fresno 0702-33RB14-331401   Chad Story
 B2 Fresno North - Eagles Fresno 0713-01RB14-000014   Marcos Fierro
 B3 MADERA MAGIC U14BOYS Madera 0720-01RB14-200197   Maynor Escobar
 B4 Mountain R'eal Madrid B - BU14 North Fork 0709-01RB14-090009   Anthony Castaneda
 B5 Roosevelt Revolution A.A Fresno 0719-65RB14-196534   Angelica Arenas
 B6 South County - BU14 - Galaxy Fowler 0721-01RB14-000002   Jay Ochoa
 B7 Ayer Bears Elite Fresno 0719-05RB14-190535   Jesse Ramirez
 B8 FC Clovis - BU14 CEHS Clovis 0702-33RB14-331904   Ulises Solorio
 B9 Selma Atletico DZ 03 Selma 0722-01RB14-221452   Daniel Zarate
 B10 VALLEY UNITED LOS REYES Fresno 0715-01RB14-151413   Jose Presentacion Gonzalez-Sanchez

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